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Do You Know The Face of Fear? Overcome Fear In 10 Days

The face of fear is you.

Only you can stand in your way of greatness. Fear cannot control you unless you let it. Now you may ask  yourself, how can that be? Well, fear is a choice and the only way to overcome the fear that you have, is to choose not be fearful.

But how can you do that?

Sadly, it is not as easy as waking up one day and willing yourself to do so. The only way you can overcome fear is by showing up every day ready to tackle it head on! This is truly the only way to remove fear from your life. You have to, literally and figuratively, stand up to fear.

So if you want to overcome fear of public speaking, practice speaking in front of people. Start with a small audience and work your way up. If you want to overcome your fear of failure, keep trying because by trying you are proving to yourself that failure will not stop you from achieving your dreams.

Fear can only do but so much unless you allow it. This is not saying you won’t have your bad days where you give in to your fears, but the fact that you keep showing up is what will eventually eliminate them all together.

By showing up every day, even when you don’t want to, you are training your brain to become stronger than the fearful thoughts that you have.

Make being fearless a lifestyle; a part of your every day routine to be bold, to be brave, to punch the fears that you have in the face, and tell them to move out of your way.

Only you have the power to do this. Fear is only as strong as you make it.

So how strong do you want to make your fears?

Below, I want you to say the following fear busting affirmations every day for the next 10 days so that you can begin the process of training your brain to eliminate fear from your life once and for all. You can say these affirmations in your mind or out loud.

Fear Busting Affirmations

I am fearless.

My fears will not stand in my way.

Every day, I become more and more courageous.

I am bold.

Fear is simply false evidence appearing real.

I am stronger than my fears. 

I have nothing to fear from failure.

Failure is part of the road to success.

My setbacks make me stronger.

I can do anything I put my mind to.

My mind is strong and fear has no place there.

I am overcoming fear by pushing ahead.

My fears cannot and will not stop me.

Fear will no longer hold me back.

I choose to be courageous.

I have the power to change my life.

Today, I am not afraid.

Facing my fears empowers me.

I am living my life courageously.

Starting today, I will enjoy a life without fear.

Ending on a Positive Note

I hope you enjoyed this short thought provoking yet inspiring blog post. Let me know what you thought about this post by leaving a comment below. Remember you are a lot stronger than you may think and I hope this blog post inspired you to overcome your fears.

If you want to learn more on how you can overcome fear, check out my 10 day overcoming fear journal.

To overcoming fear,


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