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Everything we think actually matters. Your thoughts and feelings determine your actions and the results you get. That’s why if we are seeking success, we must think of successful, inspiring, and motivating thoughts.

If positive words can make someone laugh, why motivational words can’t help someone reach new heights?

And that’s why we’ve created The Motivation Bug store. We believe that even a small word can set the tone of the day and change the way how we feel about life.

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With our products, you can get motivation with yourself wherever you go. Isn’t it a great reason to browse through our collection and pick up something for yourself?


The Creator of The Motivation Bug

Hey There! My name is Morgan Green and I want to help you get your fire back to go after your dreams! A little bit about me. Having a positive mindset has always been a struggle of mine. I would allow my current life circumstances dictate my life. If my life was going well, then I would be pretty positive. Once things began to go bad though, a flood of negative thoughts would enter my mind constantly. Sadly, the only way to “fix” this is to work on yourself from the inside out.

I share all of this with you to encourage you that you are not defined by your negative thoughts and you can change that negative inner dialogue. The products here at The Motivation Bug were created with you in mind! Tackle those negative thoughts and make them more positive! My YouTube channel has many videos on it like positive affirmations, mindset exercises, as well as some relaxing nature sounds and music to help you change that inner dialogue.

I am super excited you are here and I cannot wait to hear about how I was able to help you create a better version of yourself!

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