Motivation helps us grow and reach higher levels. That’s why it is important for a happy and fulfilled life. Even the most motivated people can be in a slump sometimes. There is nothing wrong with that. Especially, if you know how to get it back. Thankfully, there are some great methods that will definitely help you. 

First of all, surround yourself with the stuff that brings you inspiration. It can be a good coffee mug or a new T-shirt with motivational phrases. 

Then, you can dive deeper and take motivation from others: start reading books of successful people, watch motivational movies, talk to your friends and mentor (if you have one). 

Write down your achievements to see how much you have already done. It is one of the most effective ways if you think that doesn’t get at anything. Seeing progress is a great incentive itself, but it will also improve your self-esteem. 

Well, you saw how much you did. It’s high time to plan what will be done in the nearest future. When you will think of your goals, try to imagine how you will feel when reaching them. Get excited about your goals to get the motivation to achieve them.

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You can also just force yourself to do something with the help of a public commitment. None of us likes to look bad in front of others. In the age of social media, it is pretty easy to promise to do something to a lot of people at once. It will be even better if you commit to providing people with progress. 

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You can’t be a happy and successful person without a good level of self-awareness. Having self-awareness means that you realize your strong and weak points, know your priorities and wishes, understand your emotions and motivations. In other words, you have a clear picture of the type of person you are. 

Of course, understanding yourself is already a good benefit to start improving your self-awareness. But there are more advantages you might get. You will be more productive, build more confident relationships, see your goals, and make decisions faster. These all will happen because you will know who you are and what you want. 

So, how can you improve the level of self-awareness? There are some methods you can try. 

Write down your goals and priorities 

Turn your thoughts into actions and start with writing them down in a planner. Then, create a step-by-step strategy on how to achieve your goals. Visualization will help you to understand whether you want it or just think that you want.    

Perform daily self-reflection

In our everyday rush, it can be hard, but it will help you to understand yourself better and even find more effective solutions for everyday tasks. All you need to do is to sit calmly for about 15 minutes and look back at you as a person and leader. Evaluate yourself honestly, think of what else can you do, and if your actions and words were right. 

Ask friends to describe you

How can you know what other people think of you and how they perceive you? Ask them! Your friends and family are those who know you well. Tell them that you need an honest view of yourself with all your weaknesses and strengths. And be ready to get answers. 

There are even more ways to improve the level of self-awareness but you can start with these. Then, add other methods to get to a higher level. If you’ll need an additional source of motivation on this way, we will be happy to see you among our customers. Check out our collection of products with inspirational phrases and images right away! 

Most people in the world start their day in quite a similar way: wake up with the alarm ringing then, check your email and social accounts, and make a cup of coffee. 

However, the way how you spend your morning time can set the tone of the whole day. A lot of successful people have their own morning habits that help them to stay productive and reach higher results day after day. Let’s discuss some of these habits. Maybe you’d like to adopt some of them. 

Do morning exercises

It might seem hard to find time for morning exercises, but believe us, they are worth it. Exercise helps reduce stress, gives you an extra energy boost, and improves your health. A lot of successful business owners and celebrities have such a morning habit. 

Don’t start the day with your smartphone

What first action do you do when waking up? Most of us pull our hands to the phone to see what’s new in the world. But it is more important to give yourself time, take a deep breath, and set the mood of the day.

Drink water before coffee

Grabbing a good cup of coffee is a natural way to spend your morning. However, successful people have another habit. They prefer to start the day with a glass of water. And health experts agree with this choice. When you supplement your body’s water balance, you can fill your coffee mug

Review your to-do list

Plan your day is a really good habit. It will help to stay more productive and complete tasks more efficiently. But you should do it before you go to bed. In the morning, you need to get a picture of your day or maybe rearrange some tasks. To plan your day, you might use mobile apps, good-looking planners, or nice notebooks. 

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Have you ever mapped out your day, week, or even month? It might seem a waste of your time, however, it is a straight way to a balanced life that includes not only work but also time to relax, hang out with friends and family, get new knowledge, and enjoy other pleasurable activities. 

A clear vision of your tasks will empower you to live your life with a sense of purpose and stick to your wishes and priorities to get at higher results faster.  If you are ready to invest your time more efficiently, here are some tips to start. 

First of all, use planners. One of the most common mistakes people make while planning their days is that they do it in their minds. We are sure you have a strong memory, but it would be better if you write down all your tasks and meetings. There are at least three reasons for that:

  • You won’t have to keep everything in mind that can boost your productivity and creativity. 
  • You can estimate the number of activities more efficiently and make sure you have time to complete them all. 
  • You can prioritize your tasks. 

By using planners, you can visualize your day, week, or month easily. Plus, good-looking planners can make this process even more enjoyable. 

The next tip is to plan your day/week/month in advance. This way you will be able to start a new day with a clear idea of what is going to happen and what you should do. Also, such an approach will allow you to get ready for some special events and meetings. 

The last one for today is to add breaks to your plan. Nobody can do anything without a small pause. Spend this time with yourself, think of how much you have already done, calm your mind. It can even help you to come up with some extraordinary ideas. 

One of the best benefits of planning your time is that you are always motivated to finish your to-do list. By the way, speaking about motivation, you can find a vast number of various things with inspirational images and quotes on our online store. Come and see for yourself!