Order Fulfillment & Delivery

I am unable to download my digital products.

Please send me an email ASAP with the subject line 'Not Able To Download TMB' along with your name and order number HERE so that I can get this fixed right away!

The links in my email do not work.

Please send me an email ASAP with the subject line, 'Links Not Working TMB' along with your name and order number HERE so that I can get that fixed right away!

I didn't receive an email with my order.

First please check your spam folder.

If you are not able to find the order confirmation email or an email with your links to download your digital products, please send me an email ASAP with the subject line of 'Didn't Receive an Email For My Order TMB' along with your name and what you ordered by clicking HERE so that I can fix this for you quickly!

Do I have to repurchase a digital product in order to complete it again?

No you do not! Purchase it once and keep it for life! In order to complete a digital product again, all you have to do is save a new copy and rewrite over your old text.

It's as simple as that!

How many times can I download the digital product I purchased?

You can only download your digital products 1 time so be sure to save them to your desktop once you finish downloading them.

If you have any issues downloading your items, please send me an email ASAP with the subject line 'Unable To Download My Items' by clicking HERE.

How long does it take for me to receive my order?

Within a matter of seconds you should receive the following emails:

  • A thank you email
  • An order confirmation email
  • An email with links to download your items

For t-shirts please allow 7 to 10 business days for you to receive your purchase.

You can always track your order using the Shop app (free of charge) by clicking HERE.

How much is shipping?

Free shipping on ALL products! YAY!

Payment Methods

What payment method do you accept?

All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

Can I checkout without having a PayPal account?

Absolutely! Having an account is not necessary in order to purchase your motivational products.

At checkout, you have the option to create a PayPal account if you wish.

So you can complete your purchase first and then decide if you want to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return and exchange policy?

All digital products are immediately sent to your email once your order is placed. Because of this, returns, exchanges, or cancellations for any reason will not be accepted.

T-shirts are made to order, so returns or exchanges for any reason will not be accepted. This includes any mistakes you may have made on your order. Please review your order (shipping address, color, size, design, etc.) thoroughly before submitting it.

What if my t-shirt arrives damaged?

If you purchase a t-shirt and it arrives damaged, please send me an email ASAP with your name, order number and please attach a picture of the entire item showing where the damage is. You can send that email with subject line 'Damaged Item TMB' to info@themotivationbug.com

Once this information has been received and sent to our manufacturer, a replace item will be sent to you.

Please be aware that your replacement item will take some time to arrive to you so we ask that you please be patient.

Question not answered? Submit your question by contacting me HERE!


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